October 14th, 2002


Egg Noodles and Ketchup

As I sit and savor the last of the bagels I brought home from New York, I am slowly realizing what a wonderland of Snapple and bagels it really is up there. That weekend, we walked out of our hotel into the first deli we saw and sat for a perfect bagel and a Snapple--both of which there were nearly a dozen varietys to choose from. And I paid it no notice. It seemed natural to me; and yet here I am again. Back in Lenderland.

I never noticed the Snapple part before, really. It sprang to me while watching an episode of the Sopranos where AJ skipped class for a Snapple and a smoke. We had Snapple for sale in school. I recall a time when I drank at least three of them a day and knew the perfect Snapple to go with every sandwich I could think of. There was always Snapple and always tons of it. It was just there. The bagels part I probably need not explain. But I will say that reality came crashing to me in one of the first few weeks of college when I had to leave campus early one morning, hit a deli, asked for a toasted poppy with butter and got nothing but a blink and a stare. I eventually was served a formerly frozen bagel that had been thrown on the grill for a few minutes. I felt like Henry Hill. Maybe the grass is greener, maybe you just don't realize the little things until they're gone.
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