October 16th, 2002


Trick or Treat

During my über-productive long weekend, I not only neatened the nest of wires behind the entertainment shelves, actually started on my table collage project, got my long-awaited new sneakers and purchased the necessary components to fix the scratch/dent on my car, but while I was re-organizing my bedroom closet, I found the black wire frames and joints used to make shelving units that I had from college. Many Masonites may recall the intricate bridge of wire shelving htothem and I had arching over our mini-fridge and supporting the TV and stereo. I assembled a 2x3 block shelf and put it in my kitchen pantry, thus making use of the 5 feet of space between the floor and the first shelf. I felt the pride only an apartment dweller who has just created more usable space in their one-bedroom abode can feel.

Upon arranging the items in the pantry, I opened the brown paper bag whose contents had been a mystery to me for some time and in it found not only my I ♥ Atlantic City socks, but the three cartons of candy cigarettes coldblackncold and I purchased at the Cowtown Flea Market last year. Just in time for Halloween...excellent.
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