October 24th, 2002


Democratic Drinking and debauchery

Chosen for its Metro accessibility, easy walking area, and proximity to most, it has been decided that we will be going out in the general vicinity of Clarendon and Courthouse this Saturday night, October 26 for HM's Going Away Again party.

According to Digital City Arlington there are plenty of restaurants to go to that we can get a margarita at, have dinner, and then head somewhere else for some more bar action. We will be meeting at 7pm. The question is...where?

The options so far are:

Mexicali Blues. Burritos bigger than your goddamn head, great food, great location. On the small side, though, so maybe not an option if we get a big crowd.

Gua-Rapo. A place HM and I have only ever heard of, but heard good things nevertheless. If anyone knows for sure or has been there, please put in comments. The writeup makes it out to more of a bar than a restaurant, but a cool bar at that.

Sage Brush Grill. Someplace I found on digitalcity when searching Arlington bars by the keyword "margarita". The writeup makes it sound more restaurant than bar, and very much on the cozy side. Edit: According to trusted sources, this bar no longer exists. But like so many dead canditates on ballots, it will remain in the poll.

So...whaddya say? Anyone who confirms attendance but does not vote for a restaurant will be penalized to the fullest extent of the shit talking.

Poll #70286 Going Away Again Party

First off, will you be coming?

I'm going to say I'm coming and then flake out at the last minute.

Which Restaurant?

Mexicali Blues
Sage Brush Grill
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TVWoP Rules. And then kicks some ass. It's TV for work.

Right now I am reading the Television Without Pity recap of the Season 3 Sopranos episode that Mickey and I watched last night thanks to my awesome friends. I'm only on the first page and I've read two fantastic quotes so far:

"Also (while we're -- sort of -- on the subject), here's an actual movie theater marquee I saw a few days ago: "Josie And The Pussycats -- Blow -- Someone Like You." That's not at all relevant to the recap proper, but it's way too funny not to include."


"Paulie, always the proactive go-getter, wants to "whack" [Ralphie] immediately."

I don't understand how anyone can *not* read TVWoP.
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