October 28th, 2002


Monday Morning Muddling

Yesterday and into last night I was struck with the odd feeling of numbness and muscle spasams up and down my left arm. I'd feel a ping in my wrist or forearm, and while my fingers would feel like they were asleep, they'd be twitching uncontrollably. A good night's sleep seems to have reduced the twitching and most of the numbness, but man, that was annoying.

If the employee at the new Target on Rt. 50 is doesn't know offhand that 4 half-gallon bottles of cranberry juice is too much for one bag, or that it takes her 15 minutes to ring up one medium-sized order, don't tell me it's because she hasn't had much training, Mr. Manager. There's no amount of training that can teach her this.

I wish there was a community on livejournal where you could post your resume for people to tear apart and criticize.

I wish I knew what the hell job I'm interested in to apply for even if my resume was good enough to send out.

I wish people at work would plan luncheon meetings more than 2 hours in advance or at least not act so surprised if it's conflicting.

I'm starting to remember yelling at the bartender on Saturday night that it was in fact 1:00 and not 2:00 so she shouldn't be kicking us out yet.
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