October 29th, 2002


Making Rollercoasters out of Subway Cars

By an odd set of circumstances this morning, I was seated in the very front seat of the very first car of the metro train this morning. Normally I like to sit at the end of the train as it is closer to the side of the street I prefer to go out on, but a Blue train was just pulling into the station as I was coming down the stairs and I was not in the mood for the L'Enfant transfer this morning, so in the front of the train I sat.

For those of you who do not ride the metro, the front of the first train looks like the front of any train: there is a door in the center and two tinted windows on either side, except these windows look into the cockpit. I didn't notice what my position had allowed me until the guy next to me got off and I happened to look up and see the conductor moving around inside. I faced forward and watched.

Lemme tell ya', that tunnel system in the metro is some creepy shit. Nothing looks finished or polished, the lights cast odd shapes on the walls when they're not flickering, and the curves are sharp. It reminded me of the coal car scene in Indiana Jones. I kept expecting to see gigantic rats stopped in the middle of the track snacking on something and then looking at the train with glass eyes and hissing when it came near, but alas, no rats. No skeletons in prospectors clothes either. Or crosses made out of pick axes. But it was still one of the best metro rides ever.
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I have it.

Thanks to my new co-worker who spotted it at the CVS, I now have it.

It is everything I hoped it would be.

I love you, Diet Vanilla Coke.
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