October 31st, 2002


It's the Lame Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

Halloween here is like any other day here: way too much like Innetech. We celebrate Halloween quite like Peter Gibbons and company celebrate Bill Lumbergh's birthday. You stand around and sing, most everybody gets cake and that's about it. But there's always that one secretary type who sings with some sort of emotion.

I have tried for the second Halloween in a row to do something spirited for the day. Last year I wore fangs and dark(er) eyeliner and a Vampire Masquerade T-shirt. No one noticed. The only other people dressed up were 4 girls from accounting wearing matching pilgrim outfits. I participated in the pumpkin decorating contest and the one that some girl from marketing drew a mock likeness of the company president on won.

Maybe I'm bitter, but roasting the president is so lame and done and tired. Am I the secretary? Am I not trying hard enough to be that secretary?

Yesterday I was not even thinking about dressing up. Then a girl remembered that I dressed up last year so I should do it again. I said I'd see what I could throw together, and this morning as I was staring at my closet for something to wear I remembered all of the emails that have been coming out about what is and is not appropriate to wear to work. I put on a pair of jeans with a giant hole in them (inappropriate), a South Park T-shirt (specifically mentioned in the last email: no logo t-shirts), and a flannel.

I spotted two HR ladies in the kitchen and stood waiting for them to come to a pause in their conversation to ask if they got it. "I'm a Dress Code Violation!...eh? eh?" They stared at me and blinked so I explained it further, and they finally laughed, saying that it was hard to tell since people come in dressed like this anyway.

Even if nobody understands my costume, at least I'm comfortable. And they promised treats at the Halloween Party this morning. At least last year when I had pseudoVampire gear on people stared at me on the metro. I wondered why I was the only one dressed up. It's starting to make sense.
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Better this year by far

I actually got a few laughs with my costume, but I'd say the best one there (of the three of us dressed) was the guy dressed as the West Nile Virus. He had on a shirt that he drew a few pyramids on, but a blue shiny river down one side and attached a few stuffed crows upside down on the shirt. Very clever.

The pumkin decoration contest went better too. This year instead of having people draw on them spontaneously, they had us do department pumpkins. Ours was a pumpkin gutted to look like an apple core. Another was dressed as a mummy. The IT one was in front of a laptop with a CD-Rom stuck in the top with a sign on the laptop saying "Restart and call us back."
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