November 6th, 2002


It all comes back to pop culture

Except for this first part. Fuck Florida. Between making it so that I know what a "pregnant chad" is to any article that's ever posted under the "Florida" section in Fark, the latest no-smoking-anywhere law just takes the cake. Disney World needs to up and move to Georgia so the rest of it can float back to Cuba. I'm sure they'll take to communism like ducks to water.

I wish California would start being a little more aware of the self-mockery it is; they could really have fun with it. Let alone the "we're all for helping poor farmers until it ups the cost of our triple moccachino half caf", they're considering letting Arnie enter politics: "Movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, emerging victorious in a statewide referendum widely seen as a dry run for a potential gubernatorial bid, proved he can flex just as much muscle at the ballot box as at the box office."

There was a third point I was going to make but now I forgot. Durf.
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