November 9th, 2002



I, in my gracious benevolance, am offering you locals a chance to reap the fruits of the cleaning out of my apartment. If you would like any of this stuff, please take it. Otherwise it will go to goodwill:

13" color television, UHF *and* VHF ready, with twist-on knob and state-of-the art vertical line channel changing indicator.

Two (2) unused poster frames, 24"x36" and 24"x30" each. May be taken individually or as a set.

75MHz Pentium Processor Hewlett Packard Computer with 10" monitor, built-in 14.4K modem and Windows 95. As an added bonus, if the taker can actually get Windows to load, the computer also contains about 600 Simpsons wav files and a whole lot of my shitty high school poetry. Sorry, no keyboard.

36" tall candlestick-style lamp with real imitation candle-drip detailing and white shade.

Black desk lamp: exact replica of the one the Feds used to bug Tony Soprano's basement.

As cleaning continues, more stuff may come available. First come first serve!
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