November 11th, 2002


Pity Party! One...Two...Three...Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw.

Sent out ten resumes last night only to discover a typeo or two in it afterwards. Great.

Thinking that the federal holiday would provide an easy and empty train ride in, I opted not to drive even though I could have parked on the street for free. Trains were running on the weekend/holiday schedule and therefore twice as packed as usual.

Today's usual morning bullshit meetings have been moved to 2pm, just in time to conflict with my usual lunchtime.

I need a new girldoctor STAT. Virginia Women's Health Center eats it.

I do feel better from last week's cold. Hoping this week's flu shot will not cause a relapse.

My apartment looks worse than before I started cleaning it. It's like when you do those thorough cleanings and organizings that end up making the place messier before it gets cleaner, except I ran out of steam after the "messier" part.
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