November 12th, 2002


11th Hour

The countdown to my brother's wedding is on. The festivities are starting a day earlier than expected, so my vacuum & bathroom Tuesday night/kitchen Wednesday night cleaning plan is out the window. Let's hope I can get enough done tonight. It is Real World night after all. But mom arrives on Friday and the apartment must be spic-and-span else I will have to endure another round of such underhanded suggestions as "well, your bathroom looks okaaay, but if you really cared about it looking clean, you'd recaulk the tub." Not that the tub has been recaulked, but I did take down the vent and clean it a while back. That should count for something.

I have an appointment with a Mason career counselor for Friday morning in the hopes that he'll know what I should be doing with my life. I tried to get a morning appointment, but since he's the only guy who can help English Majors, his mornings are booked solid for the remainder of the foreseeable future. This will impact my day only slightly though.

Saturday starts at 9:30 when we have our appointment to get our makeup done. Knowing my brother's friends, it is going to be a long and very very very fun day.
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