November 24th, 2002


Long Story Short

You'll get the full details later. But for now, can you guys email me your phone numbers and addresses since my cell phone is no longer in my posession?
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The Long Story

This weekend has been great. Or at least it was until around 1am last night. Friday, coldblackncold and I met up with a friend to go see Episode 2 at the IMAX theater at the Natural History Museum. They did the world a service by cutting about 20 mintues out of movie (including the chat with the new queen of Naboo and the picnic scene where Padme and Annekin wrestle with giant field cows) thus making it entirely more bearable. It made it easier to forget the crap and focus on the cool stuff. Plus with the screen being like 90 feet tall, there was more cool stuff that could be focused on.

Saturday I had a very satisfying workout, returned Zeke the Cat to his rightful owners, and headed to the Black Cat with bobwhite and my brother to see Frank Black and the Catholics. The plan was to go to the show and then hit a party that my brother's friends were throwing with the leftover kegs from the wedding. The website said the show started at 9:30 and we were there right on time, only to find out that Frank wasn't coming on until around midnight. We scored a prime corner spot at the Red Room bar and ordered a few rounds of beer while waiting for the show. I draped my coat over my stool, sitting on it, and put my purse underneath. After a while and a complimentary round from the bartender, we headed upstairs in case he came on earlier. I picked up my purse to find it soaked with some liquid. Not beer, but not really water--refrigerator condensation is more what it smelled like. My coat too was soaked in this stuff, and my jeans were getting wet from all of the water dripping out of my purse. Bob lent me his coat and keys to put my wet stuff in his car and off I went.

I got to Bob's car, looked around and saw no one but two indie girls in the car parked behind Bob's, they too stashing their stuff away. I put my coat and purse in the trunk on top of Bob's suitcase. I noticed that Bob had left the car doors unlocked, locked them and walked back to the club whilst being serenaded by a young hip-hop hopeful.

The show was great. I of course gave Bob a little ribbing for not locking the doors, but Frank came on early, and in perfect Frank Black fashion, did not acknowledge the crowd, didn't introduce a single song, and paused no longer than to nod to his drummer between tunes. We split right after the first encore excited to get to the party. We got back to Bob's car, and just after I asked him to pop the trunk so I could get my stuff, I noticed the stationary window on the rear passenger side door smashed. Bob didn't understand what I meant when I said "the car's been broken into" until I stuck my hand through the window. I opened the trunk to see his suitcase, my coat and purse gone. Fortunately, I had my ID and all of my cash in my pocket, but they got all of my credit cards, my cell phone, about $80 worth of Metrocheks, and the keys to my apartment. Bob's radio, however, was still installed.

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