December 4th, 2002

Do you have any oleo?

Uh, huhuhuhuhuh.

The Inside Sales department has moved onto our floor, which not only means more people talking loudly on their phones and more women in our bathroom, but they have erected a sales goal display easel to somehow motivate each other to talk on the phone loudly more often. It's like one of those thermometers that your elementary school would put up when you were doing a Campbells Soup label drive or something: they color the thermometer up to the level where you're at to show how far you have to go bladity blah.

I noticed yesterday the one they have up looks quite like a penis. Today they have titled the piece "The Happy Meter".

Hippy Dippy Teacher (Gold Star to who remembers his name): Boys, your happiness means a lot to me.
B&B: uh, huhuhuhuh. You said penis.
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