December 6th, 2002


More on the 60's and the Skewed Perceptions Thereof

During the Snow Day yesterday, I was drawn into watching (yet again) The 60's miniseries they did for NBC that Vh1 shows every couple of weeks. I don't know what it is about that movie, but I watch it every time. I blame Julia's dimples.

However, what I was noticing is how during all of the episodes of the protester brother on his quest for the girl, he happened upon some of the more televised antiwar sit-ins of the day. What was consistent in those scenes, though, was that them hippies got beat up a LOT. Blackjacks, tear gas, shields, fists and elbows--everybody with a picket sign was getting clocked in the face or knocked to the ground.

The 60's that the Worldbank Kiddies of today have seen is the 60's of shows like this. Commit acts of petty vandalism, overstep a park permit or two and presto! Ass beating. Maybe that's really what the come-lately peaceniks are looking for: after twenty years of parents not laying a finger on them for fear of criminal prosecution (or worse--damaging their child's self esteem), these kids are looking to get the snot kicked out of them. They're begging for it. I mean, everyone in these 60's movies gets a nice billyclub to the cheek every now and then...what kind of global thinking can *I* employ in order to get a local foot in my ass?

So, in conclusion, The 60's has provided yet another justification for disrupting peaceful protests. Beat up a hippie. It will make their 60's retro lives more like the TV says it should be. And in the end, they'll thank you for it. Probably not right away, but when a young parent-hating coed blows him in the back of his bumper sticker-covered Escort for being so brave and devoted to the cause, he will thank you. And probably that God fellow he doesn't believe exists too.
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What have I...What have I...

So last night I get a call from AmEx offering me some new points feature b.s. and I point out to them that while I reported my cards stolen nearly ten days ago, I have yet to receive the replacement. She said they sent them out on the 25th, but she could invalidate the ones sent and send them again. Seeing as I'm going to Pennsylvania on a shopping trip tomorrow at 9am, I was hoping that they'd be in my mailbox today. I told her not to cancel them and if I didn't receive them, I'd call.

I call tonight and find out that my cards were received, but not by me. Since Monday, over a thousand dollars has been charged on my card. I had gotten a note under my door from the apartment management office that there have been reports of our mailboxes being vandalized, but I didn't think theft. I asked the guy how they could have validated the cards since they'd need my social security number...when I remember my goddamn health insurance number is the same as my social. I reported my isurance card stolen on the same day as the credit cards. Fuck me. Robbed twice with one theft.

Now to find out what's going on with my check card, and the rest of my Visas. The charges the guy listed that were made include PetSmart and Office Max, so I wouldn't be shocked if they took the liberty of going to Hects with my unreceived card too.
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