December 16th, 2002


It's a Po-Mo Ho Ho Ho!

I have been doing my damnedest to get in the Christmas spirit this year, but have been smacked with obstacles left and right. My plans to get shopping done early were thwarted by thieves, and the time I would have liked to devote to doing Christmasy things was spent being told by police officers that I can't be helped. Yesterday as I was at Target in the herd of red shopping carts and remembered that my spirit was fulfilled last year when I bought Snoopy, my Christmas tree. Alas, Target was tree-free.

Later that night, coldblackncold returns from his nephew's birthday party with an armload of presents for me from his family, which touched me enough just to know they thought about me, but after a little debate over whether or not to wait to open them, Mickey insisted that I at least open the oddly shaped one with a stand on the bottom from his sister.

I removed the jaunty snowman-printed paper to find a bubblegum pink aluminum christmas tree. How smart it looks with the string of silver garland I had in with my wrapping paper for some reason! How regal it looks with the snowman-angel perched atop! It's perfect. And unlike Snoopy, it's not going to die in March despite my most valiant efforts to sustain its life--it's here for good.
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On the Fritz

My car radio has been on the fritz. It just stopped working one day--clock and everything just went out. Then a week or so later, it started working again. Then the other day I decided to reset the clock, the next morning it was out again, but later that afternoon, it came back on.

Car Audiophiles: could this be a loose connection or do I need to get a new radio?
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