December 17th, 2002


I hope this isn't boring everyone

Update on the theft situation: I got a call back from Fairfax County police regarding my call from last week and he thought it was total bullshit that Arlington didn't file a report for me right away, but since the postal inspectors are already working on my case, it was redundant for him to do so as well. He sent me the numbers to get my name taken off the lists for pre-approved credit cards and to put a watch on my credit to have extra confirmations put on when I apply (or someone else applies under my name) for more credit. He said that since they got me once, they're probably watching my mailbox for bank statements and pre-approved card offers, as "that's where the real money is".

I'll tell you where the real money isn't--my goddamn checking account. Still no callback from the bank inspector, still no credit.

The "Opt-Out" number for limiting the number of pre-approved applications you get: 888.567.8688
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