January 5th, 2003


Spa King of New Jersey!

Further evidence that I am, in fact, a Sim:

I left the house around 5:20 this evening to go out to dinner and Desparately Seeking Susan (one of my top 5's coincidentally enough) was on USA. Madonna and Garry Glass were getting high on the couch when my ride came.

Even though I have been gone for eight hours, I returned tonight to the very scene I turned off when I left. Time stopped in my apartment, and yet my hunger levels are down, my social levels are up, and I'm about to piss all over the floor.

Times they are a-changin'

The old 60's romance comic books I'm using for my table project have some of the best ads for mail-away stuff in the backs of them. My favorite so far reads as such:

"Don't Let Them Call You SKINNY"
...advises Exciting New Actress EVA SIX
"Making movies in Hollywood is glamorous and rewarding, but it also can be a relentless grind working long hours day after day. Sometimes we work right through lunch. Other times we skip dinner and work late into the evening. To keep my weight up, I often rely on Wate-On Emulsion as a meal-time supplement and I eat Wate-On Tablets for their source of body building calories between meals. ... So if you're thin, skinny, and underweight because of poor appetite or poor eating habits, then ask your doctor about the value of Wate-On for you. Who knows...maybe the boys won't be calling you 'skinny' anymore."

If you are thin, skinny, and underweight becasue of poor appetite or poor eating habits and not due to disease, try Wate-On ... taken as directed, weight gains are often amazing. Cheeks fill out, neck and bust-line gain, skinny arms and legs develop, hips and thighs take on new inches, underweight figures fill out all over the body the same way. Equally important, WATE-ON not only helps put on pounds and inches of firm flesh, but at the same time WATE-ON helps fight the fatigue, the sleepless nights, and the nervous tension that is often caused by an exogenous underweight condition ... Don't be skinny because of poor appetite or poor eating habits. Start taking new improved good tasting WATE-ON.