February 6th, 2003


LJ is a haven for COMMIES!

The new LJ political hullabaloo that Spampy pointed out is a laugh riot.

The Lowdown: to reduce server overloads, a 3-post-per-day limit has been placed on Free Users, 10 post limit on Early Adopters, and 20 post limit on Paid Users. Details available here.

The Highlights:

"THREE POSTS A DAY for a free user is totally shocking. Make it 5, and most people can live with it. But three is really unfair when you consider the other two have 10 and 20 posts. "
Um, unfair because?

"Mayhaps it would be better as a 5, 10, 15 system, instead of a three, ten, twenty system where the most people afected negatively are the majority of the users (i.e. free users)."
read: the people who aren't providing anything should get more and the people who are providing should get less. I think I saw that in a tax reform proposal recently...

"I for one don't like the limits. If the service is slow, then consider increasing the fee for paid users and buy better equipment to support your systems. "

See? Rather than make an effort to get the same amount of money from more people, start squeezing *more* money out of the same amount of people!

"You've got to be kidding. THREE POSTS A DAY? I post on average about 7 entries a day. I like to write down all my thoughts and anything interesting that happens to me...it is a JOURNAL you should be able to write as much as you like...please raise the limit for free users to something like 10...this is ridiculous...most of my friends post more than THREE entries a day...just ridiculous...I'll have to find another site..."

Good for you...I don't even want...to IMAGINE...what your...10 posts...a...day are...LIKE...go...clog...some...other...SERVER with your..........

Even Better:
This thread here implies that someone in the deleted post suggested that the post limit is a violation of their Freedom of Speech.

Best. Retort. Ever:
How will I be able to post the results of the 45 quizzes that I take every day? My friends will know nothing about me - which Harry Potter character I am or what day of the week I am!