February 18th, 2003


Some sort of Winter. I'm not saying neuclear or anything.

Naary a plow has kissed the surface of my street. I wish I had a digital to capture this properly. I can't help myself but compare this experience to what would happen if Mick, my brother, his wife and I were all to lose our jobs at once...be it to some normal cause or to some sort of tragedy. We're supposed to get another 5 inches tonight. It was snowing when we walked home. I'm almost out of those weird nonperishables that seem to show up in one's pantry: today lunch was a canned corn/rice-a-roni/cheez whiz/cream-of-mushroom-soup casserole. Dinner was eggs, canned refried beans, toast, and a kielbasa that my brother happened to have. That's one to repeat. From what I understand, tomorrow's another day off. The table is almost done. We almost got Mick's car shoveled out. It was really cool walking home from my bro's tonight. We may as well have been the only people in DC.