February 27th, 2003


mmm...POG Margaritas...

Last night, Mickey and I headed to Target in the snow hoping to find snow shovels and a new ice scraper to replace the one that was broken when being used as a shovel last week. While we found neither of those two things at Target, what we did find were bathing suits, pool toys, patio furniture and plastic outdoor glassware. My frustration at the rushed season was traded in for a misty memory: at this time last year, I was at Target buying plastic margarita glasses to bring to Hawaii for calamine_tea.

My blues were brightened when I remembered that it is now Easter candy season, time for the greatest candy of the year: Hersheys Candy Coated Milk Chocolate Eggs. Oh yes.

What is a motorcade?

I just got an email from the mailroom guy titled SNOW/BUSH.

No, it's not that exciting; it's a combo warning for the inclement weather and the motorcade on 15th Street:

Everyone, just coming back from the post office you might want to avoid 15th and L Streets for the President's Motorcade is about to be set up for his... . So the police department, etc will be cutting of streets. Where they are going who knows but a good guess would be back up 15th towards the White House. So plan accordingly to avoid a already traffic congestion and who knows when they will clear the motorcade setup.

No, I didn't add the ellipsis, nor do I know what it's there for.

Seconds after I finish reading it, I overhear someone ask aloud, "what's a motorcade?"