March 11th, 2003


I got nuthin.

I'm not feeling particularly witty or insightful today, even though I saw what may have been the best thing MTV has aired in YEARS last night: Diary: Gideon in Kuwait. I wish I had taped it. As soon as gets more info on it the case, there will be discussion. And what was even better, they aired it right after a rerun of True Life: I Live In The Terror Zone.

I had another post-apocalyptic dream last night, this one involving trying to find nuclear battery cells for my toy light saber and then realizing that I should horde as much stuff from the place I was in before it was all gone, and that if these battery cells only lasted ten years, I should take both.

I learned this morning on the train that some people find the words "awww shiiiit" much easier to say than "excuse me".

Yesterday morning, I was washing my hands in preparation for shelling my hard boiled eggs. The facilities manager was stocking the kitchen with new sugar things and tea bags, and up and put his dirty fingers between the water and my, until that second, clean hands. It was appalling and disgusting. Good thing I wasn't actually shelling the eggs then, or I'd make him go to the OK Deli and buy me a new one.

In January, as part of my New Years Resolutions, I made a budget. This budget does not allow me such frivolities as new books, clothing, CDs, shoes, or really, anything other than groceries, bills, and a night and a half out each week. While it seems weird to have kept my credit cards out of my wallet for the past few months, I don't really miss buying stuff. I plan on using my Christmas Bonus ($15 gift cert to Borders) to buy this book on Feng Shui that I was thumbing through the other day. It was talking about how the path to clear thought and effective energy flow is to rid yourself of clutter. Ironically, I'm buying another book in order to teach me that.
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Bored bored bored bored bored.

I have that "I'm a..." song stuck in my head.
I ate a roll from leftover conference food and I'm probably going to do it again with lunch.
I also took some cups in case I ever need one.
I got new chapstick that had a bonus strawberry banana one in it that's really good.
I got a call today from State Farm and I gave a recorded statement for witnessing that hit and run in December. I'm a good citizen.
Two of cops that I've dealt with in the past few months have had cowboy actor names: Officer McQueen and Officer Coburn.
I played Dr. Mario on the way in for a change of pace and got to level 9 by the time my ride was over.
I'd still be playing Final Fantasy if I could figure out what to do with this Red Orb.
My financial limitations on buying new clothes hasn't kept me from combing catalogs.

I thought I got an erroneous charge on my water bill but it turns out I was reading it wrong and didn't figure that out until the second I got a representative on the phone. I apologized for being a dumbass and explained the right interpretation of the bill to her. Judging from how confusing it is and from her tone, 85% of her customer service calls are about that.

Ok, so I have bought something frivolous in the past few months, but it didn't require putting my credit card in my wallet and it was a total chance occurrence of impulsivity. I bought the Chef Wizard amazing 6-in-1 cooking utensil moments after I saw it advertised on TV with a 2 for $14.95 deal and then a free 6-quart Pasta Pro pot with an additional shipping and handling charge. Turns out the Wizards were $14.95 + $5.95 s&h, and the Pasta Pro was "free" with a $9.99 s&h charge. So I spent 30 bucks on two whisks and a pot. I'd feel like less of a sucker if this stuff ever showed up. I want to know just how much the Chef Wizards can change my life--both of them.
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