March 18th, 2003


"Bubba" Blue Line

Last night as I left the gym and headed to Chevys to meet HM and a few of her co-workers, I was zigzagging carelessly through gridlocked traffic and thought to myself maybe being bound to the Metro system isn't always a terrible thing. Like when some nut drives a tractor into the reflecting pool between the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, thus shutting down roads and backing up traffic for miles.

As I have mentioned before, I am the Blue Line's Bitch. As soon as I got sentenced to the Metro system, that Blue Line has had its name all over my sweet ass. And there's nothing I can do about it either. So I have adapted as well as I can. I have learned that the Blue Line comes through at 7:02, 7:11, 7:18, 7:29, and 7:41. My shuttle comes every twenty minutes. So if I can get the 7:02, I can catch the 7:20 shuttle, but if I miss it, and have to take the 7:11, I will have 10 minutes to kill at the shuttle stop before the 7:40. The 7:18 gets me right on the 7:40, but if I miss that, it's the 8. And 8:00 is the last apartment-run shuttle. After that, I'm left to face the Metrobus.

I have begrudgingly accepted that the 7:02 train has been cancelled. On a few occasions over the past two weeks, I have rushed through my workout in the hopes of catching the 7:02 and therefore the 7:20 for a little extra time at home. Each time I have been thwarted and had to take the 7:11, which is very cruelly arranged so that I can get to the top of the escalator just in time to see the 7:20 shuttle reach the light at the next block. I have tried getting there by 6:58, and still have "missed" it. What I am not willing to accept is the loss of ANOTHER Blue Line train. Last night, I arrived at the station at 7:26 thinking I would be able to catch the 7:29 and meet HM and co. by 7:40. The Next Train sign tells me that the next Blue Line is due in 15 minutes. I asked the Station Manager if there was a delay, and he seemed rather confused when he told me there was not. I explained to him the missing 7:29, and he joked that "they messin' with your schedules". I whined that it's a bigger deal than it sounds when the busses haven't changed to match it. I can't tell if he was mocking me, but he gave me two comment cards to fill out and "give 'em a piece of your mind". Or two, apparently. It was frustrating: the night I was about to make a crack about how the Metro ain't so bad, it robbed me of 15 minutes of my life.

This morning, as I looked upon traffic at at total standstill on 395 all the way up to my office due to our local pool-tilling hero, I thought to myself how today's one of those days where it's nice to be riding Metro. I slipped onto the first car of the train that had just arrived and was on my way. We cross over the Potomac and watch the poor suckers sit there, cross the bridge and get back underground, only to be stopped for 40 minutes inside the tunnel due to a broken "charger".

Quality and service like that? Sure! I'll happily to pay more for it!
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Silver Lining

The good thing to come out of the train breaking down this morning was I got to see what the conductor looks like. He's the one with the radio voice who takes his job more like that of an airline stewardess, carefully instructing the passengers how to get to the connecting lines, what points of interest can be found near each station, reminding us what time it is, thanking us for the pleasure of being our conductor that morning, and of course, wishing us a pleasant day.

When the train broke down, I was in the first car. He announced that there would be a slight delay due to a minor problem, then burst out of the little train cockpit. Sure as shit, he was Shock G.
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