April 3rd, 2003


Okay/Not Okay

Okay: Loose poppy seeds rolling around your bagel, onto your plate, and all over the desk.

Not Okay: Realizing one of those rolling poppy seeds is a crawling ant.
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Look! She's Wearing the TJMaxx Skirt!

So I have had this skirt for a few years that's white kinda flannely/fleecey material with a few embroidered black flowers on it. I'm wearing it today despite one problem: it looks exactly like the one the girl is wearing in the TJMaxx commercial where the guy brings his girlfriend home to meet Brenda and Brandon Walsh's mom and the mom ignores this guy who isn't her son (OBVIOUSLY because she's Mrs. Walsh and not this joker's mom) and talks to the girl about how she got the skirt at TJMaxx and how they got other shit there too.

I'm living in fear that people are going to think I got this skirt after the commercial. But I had it first! It's mine!
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