April 7th, 2003


My X-Men Name would be Karma Chameleon

My brother always says that his mutant ability is to fog up any window in any car, spot a hairpiece at 20 feet, and to turn traffic lights red with his mere presence. The events of yesterday and today have proven to me that my mutant ability is instant karma. To call it instant is a bit misleading; I get immediate, blink-of-an-eye, just-took-my-foot-out-of-my-mouth-and-put-it-straight-in-my-ass kind of karma. At least with bad karma. It may be that way with good karma, but good karma tends to be harder to notice.

Yesterday, I get a tank of gas at the gas station with the little garage-like car wash attached. I don't think I've washed my car in a year, it was a nice day, and even the 6-car long wait wasn't enough to deter me. Justice was getting a bath. I was merrily busying myself while waiting on line by putting up my new car air freshener, WD-40ing my squeaky door and tiding up a bit. I got to the front of the line and was waiting for the car in front of me to finish when the gas station attendant came up to my window and said something like "the lady in the car two cars ahead of you didn't get her wash and she drove through and it didn't work so she has to get another one." I was very confused as to what he was talking about and especially why he was telling me this, so I stared at him blankly and asked him those very questions. He explained in so many words that the girl didn't read the 3 foot by 3 foot sign explaining how to situate your car in the car wash, but instead drove straight through it without pausing, complained that she didn't understand how it worked. This guy is being nice enough to give her a second chance, but now he wants her to back into the car wash, skipping to the front of the line again and extend my already half-hour long wait. I said it was very nice of him to give her another chance at the car wash, but if she wanted to try again, she should get on the end of the line, as it's not fair to me or the people behind me to let her back in the front. He didn't understand what I meant, nor did he realize how this would affect anyone on the line but me, and went into the whole "she didn't get her car wash" spiel. I tried to tell him again why she should have to wait if she's the one who messed it up and that everyone else should not have to be punished for her stupidity, he started saying his speech again, so I cursed under my breath, agreed to let her cut the line again, and demanded that he apologize to everyone on line for letting this happen.

While getting my car washed, my drivers side mirror snapped off at the bracket and is now dangling from the wire connected to the adjuster thingy.

And now it's raining, and will be for three days. If I had waited until today, I wouldn't have gotten frustrated at the stupid attendant, the even stupider girl, and would still have a mirror. I guess the lesson is: never wash your car.
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