April 10th, 2003


IIIIIIIIIIIIII Aint' Got No Funnnnnnnay, no funny!

I am trying so hard to think of something even remotely entertaining to talk about. I'm bored out of my mind, and as a result, I think all capacity for thought has left with it. All I can think up is a bad pun on a David Lee Roth song.

The only interesting thing I've done lately is hook my TV up to my stereo so that I can listen to the TV while I'm cooking.
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Thanks to Bob for unknowingly inspiring this

Stuff On My Desk Right Now

  • A golf glove I won from the company picnic 2 years ago for coming in second in the women's division for the longest drive. I think there was one other girl who participated. It's a women's medium, so I could never get it on my gargantuan manhands if I tried.

  • A gallery of sticky notes that have people's phone numbers written on them in pencil.

  • A polaroid of my first cube here from the day we had to all clean our cubes because someone was going to be taking pictures or something stupid and we had to take the polaroids so that we were sure no one messed with our stuff.

  • Burrito Brothers thermos mug

  • Miniature American Flag (for others)

  • A silver birthday party crown that I wore at this little party work threw for us for hitting some "milestone". There were several tiaras there but I was the only one willing to wear one. We also had that balloon putty in a tube with straw stuff there, and I was the only one who seemed to know what to do with the stuff. So I made bubbles for everyone. One of the yellow ones never got picked up, and has since melted and cemented itself to the brick of the courtyard and now it kinda looks like a used rubber.

  • My broken work clock

  • Consumables: Chewable Vitamin C tablets, 3 Hershey Kisses, a can of V8 someone gave me about a year ago, 1/2 a bag of animal crackers, 1 packet of strawberry jam, and this tube of "Spray Candy" that looks like Binaca but tastes like peaches.

  • Vanities: A trial size Clinique yellow face lotion, Bath and Body Works travel size Mullberry Spice hand lotion, Bath and Body works Awesome Apple antibacterial hand sanitizing foam, a 1lb tub of Eucerin, A tub of CVS brand Oxy Pads for emergency face grease, Neosporin, 3 emory boards, Berry Explosion Blistex, a bag of those dental flosser things that look like little hooks.
  • As many napkins as I have been able to forage

  • Four (4) paper-accordion fruits as removed from the straws provided with the Silly Drunk Mai Tais in Chinatown (stuck to sides of monitor)
  • Windex

  • Everything else is work-related. Besides this stuff, my cube probably looks a whole lot like yours.
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