April 11th, 2003


Delay on the Blue and Orange lines in both directions

I listen to Oldies 100 in the morning while getting ready, not for the witty banter between co-hosts Murphy and Cash, but because it's the only station that comes in in my apartment, and I can't get dressed in the morning without knowing the weather forecast. The Traffic Guy ominously reported early breaking news about an "incident" at Metro Center that was backing up trains. "Maybe I should drive in today", I thought to myself, but quickly dismissed the idea, as driving home on Friday nights is hellish.

Mick and I were running late, so the scene at Pentagon City actually looked better than it does 10 or 20 minutes earlier. I thought I should take the Blue line directly in, rather than risk the transfer, keeping the delay in mind, but the Yellow came first, and I just took my chances. Everything was peachy until L'Enfant. I got to the transfer line to find a train waiting at the platform, overstuffed. We all seem to think we're pretty civilized human beings, but then we go and expose ourselves to something like mass transit. I refused to pack into that train like some sort of cattle, so I waited, Game Boy in hand, for the next train. Five minutes later, it didn't arrive. I have heard The Whiner at work bitch about how he's had to walk from L'Enfant in a similar situation, so if he could do it, why couldn't I?

L'Enfant is not where I thought it was. I got out of the station at 7th and G SW, and headed north to my final destination at 14th and M NW. I walked about ten or so blocks through what appeared to be a very quaint neighborhood at 9:30 in the morning, until I started recognizing some familiar sights: a Wendy's, an Exxon, a McDonalds, and then Half Street...Jimminy Christmas, I'm right by Nation(s).

I hailed a cab for the rest of the ride in. I told the guy my sob story, and he kinda chuckled in that old man way and said "yep...you'd have a long walk ahead of you". The cab cost me ten bucks. Parking costs six. Yet, I am surprisingly not bitter.
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Pubic Service Announcement

From an email sent to us from our Building Manager:

As most of you are aware, IMF, World Bank and Anti-War demonstrations will take place from Thursday, April 10, through Tuesday, April 15. In the past, these meetings have presented the opportunity for the anti-globalization movement to protest. The IMF, WB and Anti-War demonstrations have a combined estimated participation of 10,000 - 50,000. Sources feel that participation may be tempered due to recent events with the war. However, no one really knows.

The first scheduled event was on Thursday morning at 8:00 am in front of the IMF/WB complex. There is a good possibility that a non-permitted march could occur this afternoon, April 11th. This most likely will be on Pennsylvania Avenue, between IMF/WB and the White House. The Metropolitan Police Department will be out in force for these events. Main protests, as previously outlined, are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday from late morning to late afternoon. Additionally, some of these protesters will be around Monday and Tuesday to lobby Congress. There is word that they plan "die-ins" during rush hour on Monday morning.

Road closures will be kept to a minimum but may be needed depending on protest activity. The following roads are scheduled to be closed from early Saturday morning until at least Sunday evening:

  • H Street from West side of 18th Street to 20th Street

  • H Street east side of 18th Street to Connecticut Avenue

  • 19th Street from the half block between I Street and Pennsylvania Avenue to F Street

  • 17th Street from New York to the half block between H Street and I Street

  • There will also be barricades in the half blocks between F and G streets on 18th, 19th and 20th streets

  • There will be barricades on G and H Streets in the half block between 21st and 20th streets

  • Pennsylvania Avenue will be barricaded at the intersection of I Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • The US Park Service has issued permits for the protesters to use the following areas during the weekend: Malcolm X Park, Murrow Park, Dupont Circle, Lincoln Park, the Ellipse and the Mall. Basically, all parks are permitted for use.
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