May 6th, 2003


All Game Weekend Recap - Pt. 2

Pizza was ordered around the same time as the second keg was purchased, and everyone took a well-deserved refueling break. I think I wolfed down four slices before I even noticed what I was doing, but seeing as I was well in the neighborhood of 500 beer points, food was absolutely essential at that point. Friday morning, Niner had IMmed me asking if there was anything I wanted him to pick up for the weekend besides beer and snacks. I asked if he could get some cookies, and he bounced back with "Issues. You have issues." I insisted that wanting cookies has nothing to do with having issues, but has everything to do with the fact that cookies are goddamn delicious and I wasn't going to be hearing otherwise. He laughed at me some more and said he would get cookies. And he did. And the crowd loved them. 'Nuff said.

With our faith restored in our beer supply, the drinking games began. The Doubles Caps tournament was scheduled to go first, and the Doubles Beirut (laymen may know this game as Beer Pong) was to take place simultaneously, with all participants not currently involved in the games encouraged to work on their video game and Yahtzee scores. Caps was played to 11, winning by 2 a point margin, with each team drinking 1/2 a beer when a point is scored against them. This can be divided however the team deems best: either by splitting the 1/2 beer, or alternating halves on each point. Beirut was played with 15 half-filled cups on each side.

Note: beer consumed during drinking games DO NOT count towards one's social beer points.

I was drawn to be partnered in Caps with Breen and with Batman Johnson for Beirut --lucky pulls in both counts. Breen and I came back from a 10-4 defecit to a 13-10 win the first round and enter the semifinals. Our opponents ate their mockings with a humble humble spoon, and a nice chaser of sweet, non-point beer. While waiting for our turn in the semis, I adjourned to the living room to work on my Space Invaders scores, only to find myself with an audience soon thereafter. Judging from the looks on my friends' faces, there had been some unpleasantness at the start of the Beirut tournament. The participants were generally unhappy with the rule that we were to leave the empty cups on the table, and if an opponent were to sink in one of your empty cups, you would have to drink one of your beers. But the specific upset in this case came from Turkey and Jenn objecting to some of the late-arriving, non-official-AGW-participating guests playing Beirut . Jenn and Turkey felt it was unfair that they be pitted against a team that had 10 more hours of sobriety to their advantage. I was happy to be in the other room while this went down, and even more happy that I was merely the secondary judge. The commotion carried on well into the Caps finals, where Breen and I were playing against Keg and Liza for third place (now that I think about it, I'm not sure why we were only fighting for third place, seeing as we hadn't lost yet and don't know how first and second were decided, but I guess that doesn't matter now). Jenn and Turkey made a final plea to have me hear their side and judge in their favor, but I demured to Jennlynn's primary wisdom, and that was the last I heard of the unpleasantness for a few hours.

As a result of the Beirut disruption, paired with the fact that it was nearly 2am and those of us who had started on time were working on our 14th straight hour of drinking, the group began to thin. Many of the non-participating party attendees had left, many of the participating players had passed out. The Beirut brackets had to be nearly redrawn, and there was a bit of a debate as to whether or not players who had participated in the initial Beirut game would qualify for their beer points (the Saunders Exception of the AGW rules stipulated that non participation in the Beirut tournament would result in a forfiet of social beer points). It was decided that those who played in the first Beirut game but passed out or otherwise went to bed as a result of the unpleasantness would still qualify for beer points. The rest of us played on.

Keg and Liza had brought a queen size blow up Aerobed with them for the weekend. During breakfast on Saturday, Liza pleaded with Keg wide-eyed to get him to set up the bed so that they would have it ready when they wanted to go to sleep and wouldn't have to worry about it. Keg, the good boyfriend that he is, made the bed for Liza and himself before most of the gaming even began. Liza did not hold up well in the face of beer points. I'm sure some of the "come hither" photographs she and I were posing for that afternoon are a testament to that. What my excuse is, I'm not sure. She swears now that next year she won't do any social drinking until *after* the drinking games, since she was barely able to participate in the Caps tournament after 10 hours of social beers. Keg, the good boyfriend that he is, volunteered to drink all of the beer for their Caps game for her. Liza voluntarily sacrificed her beer points before the first attempted Beirut tournament and went upstairs to their already-made Aerobed.

Since Batman and I hadn't played int he first round of Beirut , we remained partners for the second. Perhaps our momentum was shot. Perhaps we were too drunk. All I know is that neither of us played as well as we normally do, and were growing increasingly more frustrated with ourselves. During the first game, Niner was busy cleaning up his kitchen from the Caps tournament carnage, Chozi and Batman were playing Connect Four again, and Keg went up to go check on Liza. When he got back downstairs, he had a look on his face as if he had just seen a car accident. "guys. The Robinsons are in our bed. Liza said they were there when she got upstairs. She's in the twin bed. I don't know where I'm sleeping."

Batman and I finished our game and I went back to the couch where Mickey had gone to wait for the unpleasantness to subside and consequently fallen asleep. I woke him up and asked if he wanted to go to bed, and he demanded to know what had happened to the "brwmrshes". I told him I wasn't sure what he was talking about, "you know, the brwmrwhses! THE CANDY! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CANDY!" I assured him that the candy was long gone and he plodded upstairs to our bed. I returned to the Beirut arena and announced to the remaining players, "I got Mickey to get up off the couch and go upstairs. I wanted to make sure no one robinsoned our bed."

rob•in•son v. 1. to spend an excessively long time during one's turn during gameplay. 2. to delay a game by proposing preposterous moves or otherwise redundant situations 3. to unapologetically sleep in a bed that you know is not yours.

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