June 11th, 2003

Dog Balls

I should sue.

If I smell like hazlenut today, it's probably because I spilled an entire 16oz. cup of coffee down my pant leg and all over my purse.
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In a Quandary:

I just got a call from the Leasing Office of my current apartment. They have given me a new offer that is only $50 more than what I'm paying now.

This gets back to the whole "$600 isn't worth moving but $1200 is" situation.

But is $600 worth moving if I can find a better apartment? Should I stick it out one more year and be fully prepared to move next year?

I found 2 decent apartments this weekend: one cheap but in a bad location, one was super awesome, in a great location, but more expensive. Can I find another great apartment in time? Is the pain and frustration of moving worth it?
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