June 20th, 2003


They may be willing to beat me, but they will not be able

Last night, Mick, Bob White and I met up at Dr. Dremo's to see Greg Nice beat the musical pants off the other performers at Dremo's open mic night. As we listened to a baldheaded guy wearing all black do an acoustic cover of that Led Zeppelin song that goes "aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAh!", Bob hands me a flier he found announcing a Run21 tournament that is going on until next Thursday. Grand Prize: $300 American Dollars.

Run21 is one of the other games that is on those touchscreen Photohunt machines often found in bars. It is quite similar to Zip21, my preferred blackjack game of that sort, but the object is that there are five columns in which you can place cards from the draw pile. The goal is to get the cards in all five columns to add up to 21 or as close to 21 as you can without busting. Run21 is a a little more difficult than Zip21, but my skills have carried over well.

So far, I'm in first place. My score is 150K higher than the second place competetor, who happens to be the owner and bartender. The plan is to go back to Dremo's once or twice this week to check on my standings. I will win. Oh, yes. I will win.
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