July 3rd, 2003


Man, did Don Rickels ever look young?

I have the good fortune of having the day off from work today. Normally the big boss gives us a half day before a three day weekend, but for some reason that had something to do with sunscreen (I just skimmed the email. So sue me), he gave us the whole day.

I have a long list of shit to get done today. I was hoping to wake up at around 9 or 9:30. After my second telemarketing call, I got up at around quarter to eleven and began mentally planning my day. Flipped through some channels and stopped dead.

Why is it I forget every year? How can I forget every year? It's the highlight of New Year's Day and the Fourth of July.

Sci Fi Channel's 24 Hour Twilight Zone Marathon.

I had originally planned to get in some heliotherapy today. Suddenly, a dank rainy day doesn't seem so bad.
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To Do:

I *was* going to go to the gym, but post-brunch lethargy and the urge to have a cigarette, combined with the suspicion that I wouldn't be able to find a parking spot downtown at lunchtime, and the promise that if I cleaned really fast and rigorously, I'd be getting a workout while getting this sty in order, here I am still. I am ready to make a full commitment to putting a dent in my to do lists by 4pm.

To Do: the At Home version
-put filed bills into filing cabinet-
-clean kitchen Bathroom clean too!
-vacuum EVERYTHING almost. didn't get to bedroom yet. that always gets cleaned last anyway
-find home for the case of water bottles from Costco
-wash broiling pan
-wash Foreman grill
-wash out vaporizor
-cancel mystery credit card accounts that appeared on credit report
-sort out clothes closet and discard unnecessary, rarely-worn items
-re-pot houseplants in a last ditch quickening effort

To Do: the Away version
-return dress
-drop off unwanted clothing to goodwill
-get new comfy khaki capris
-get new flip flops

More will be added as others are stricken. I'm sure you all are thrilled. Happy Fridayish.
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