July 12th, 2003


LADP: Livejournalers Against Drunk Posting

I've said a lot of dumb things when I've used communication technology while drunk. Granted, this problem of mine began way before LJ was even a twinkle in Brad Fitz's eye. I've drunk dialed since my first sip. Most nights of my Freshman year of college were spent drunk dialing. Sure, I had my fun blathering on to my friends from high school about the things I had gotten into that night. Sure it was even more fun convincing their roommates that I was in the dorm next door. But like all good things, it came to an end.

Then came the drunk emails. Damn Mason for canceling my old account where I had some of the gems saved; damn me for not forwarding them on to one of my newer accounts. But somehow I guarantee soarjubs has the classic "i lopst m ypagger" email. Sure, drunk emailing was safer: they never woke anybody up, or if I fell asleep in the middle of them, there wasn't someone on the other end wondering what happened. Harmless.

Since I have joined the ranks of the Livejournal crowd, my drunk emails have come to a complete halt. My drunk dialing has been relegated to the occasional fart-sound voicemail. But I've been drunk posting like a goddamn Kennedy. Sure, they all seem like victimless jumbles of typos: not really directed at anyone, yet open to fun for friends and poster alike. Therein lies the crime. Drunk posts are there for the world to see. When you drunk post, others may forget, but Livejournal's memory is permanent.

Last night, I drunk posted. Last night, I committed a hypocrisy. Last night, I did something that I have mocked in the past. Last night, I became one of those Livejournalers who annoys the shit out of me. I can rationalize it all I want: that's the song we were listening to on the way home. It was just stuck in my head. It's one of my favorites. I did it. I broke an unwritten rule I made for myself nearly two years ago. And nothing will take that back.

I beg all of you. Think before you post drunk. Remember, what you post may come back to haunt you. You're only hurting yourself.
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