August 25th, 2003


My First Day At Work

My First Day At Work
by Mae N. Carnate

My first day at work was pretty cool. Work started earlyer than my other work but I got their in time okay. I used to eat eggs and sausage for breakfast because I could eat at my desk. I had a breakfast bar thing this morning because I didn't know if I could eat at my desk. There is another Megan at work but she is Meghann and she went out and got coffee and donuts. The HR lady said their going to take me to lunch tomorrow. I filled out forms about insurance and direct deposit. I sat in the room with the big table with everybody and everybody said hello to me and they said they were happy I got hired there. I ate lunch with the other work people in the meeting room. They haev a TV in there and Meghann likes to watch Dating Story. Then I had to go for a walk because I was too cold. There wasn't much work for me to do yet so I asked a lot of questions. I did some spreadsheet and stuff but my email was'nt ready yet so I ran out of stuff to do. Then I walked all the way back to my gym which is by my old work which is like 9 blocks and then I found out I didn't put a t-shirt in my gym bag. So I came home. And that's why my first day at work was pretty cool.

The End.
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