September 16th, 2003


Fox Bullies the Truth

Yesterday, sonicblue posted an article from USA Today in which Christiane Amanpour claims that CNN was intimidated by the administration and its foot soldiers at Fox News when covering the Iraq War. Apparently this "intimidation" did not force CNN into actual censorship, nor did it prevent her from reporting anything she wanted to. Nevertheless, CNN was intimidated by Fox News.

Tonight on my way home, I was reading Ann Coulter's Slander (I know, I know. I'm WAY behind), and came across an interesting yet surprisingly familiar passage in regard to CNN's coverage of the 2000 election:

In a major report on how the networks had blundered into making a correct call for Bush [having taken Florida] at two in the morning, the Los Angeles Times suggestively reported that the networks were "following the lead of Fox News ... after Fox called the election for Bush, the other networks were "pressured by Fox's decision" to call the state for Bush too.

Hmmm...First Fox is pressuring the other networks into making the correct call in Florida. THEN they go and intimidate CNN into reporting what they want to regarding the Iraq War. Man. Maybe we should all think twice before we trust news coming from such networks so susceptible to peer pressure.