September 24th, 2003


I hate because I love

Don't get me wrong. I love Television Without Pity. I love the recaps and I love the message boards. They can be a source of new perspectives on the shows, a confirmation of my interpretations, or otherwise a good laugh.

I rarely post on the message boards, however. Like my comments on LJ, I tend to reserve comment unless I have something particularly insightful, clever, or original to say. If what I'm about to say has been said five times already, I don't need to chime in. If someone said something I appreciated and I didn't have more than five words to say about it, I just let it go. I'm quickly realizing I'm in the minority in that aspect on TVWoP, and that the boards there are full of the type of posters who infect LJ with the OMG LOL, (((hugz))) and otherwise monosyllabic meaningless comments.

With that, I present:

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