September 26th, 2003


Just Another Morning in Our Nation's Capital

To the little girl on the bus who happened to miss how everyone else was leaving the bus in an orderly fashion: I'm sure it's fun to dress up and play Career Barbie, but notice the grownups are waiting their turn. Please do not try to trample everyone. You'll get off in time. If you want to be the first one off the bus, get on earlier so you can get a seat up front.

To the lanky moron who stood in front of the closing door of the metro train: the chime means the doors are closing. Please do not block the door as others are trying to get on.

To the dumb twat who stopped at the top of the escalator to talk to her friend: No, Excuse You. Please do not stop at the top of a motorized staircase. People behind you are still moving.

And is it too much to ask for a diet beverage to have Vitamin C in it? Jesus. You'd think I was looking for soemthing fortified with Extacy.

Tonight, I will be taking several Benadryl at 9:30 and sleeping until I can't sleep anymore. I too am feeling an Early Bug and between my birthday party and a short five days to Vegas, I need to sleep this off.
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