October 17th, 2003


The Uppity Record Store Clerk of Mega Bookstores

Yesterday afternoon, I was due for a new book and remembered thefamilyband's recommendation, The Gospel According to Larry. There is a Borders next door to my new office, and I went in during lunch. I was surprised to find out that the book was in the Young Adult section, but bought it nevertheless.

The large, orange-dye-jobbed, kerchiefed girl behind the counter sneers at the book, and asks me if I want it gift wrapped. I politely say no thanks, and hand her my money. She snorts,

"Do you buy a lot of childrens books here?"

Fuck you Borders girl. What the fuck do you care what kind of books I buy? What fucking business is it of yours? It's twats like you that remind me why I buy my books from amazon and my cds from cdnow (or ya know, amazon. whatever). Don't sit there and give me the stinkeye over what I'm buying. Don't sit there and make up a little sketch in your head about who I am and what I'm like because of this book I've bought. This isn't Tower Records. I *am* cool enough to buy this. I don't have to justify my buying habits to your bohemian wannabe ass. Eat me.

"Oh, no. My friend teaches 7th grade and wanted to get my opinion on it. Thanks!"
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