October 31st, 2003


Happy Halloween!

Still drawing a complete blank on the whole costume idea, I looked to the internet this morning for some advice. Yahoo's recommendation for "last minute costume ideas" was this:

Costume Idea Zone.

Some highlights include:
White Trash: White sweatpants/sweatshirt with trash (i.e., milk cartons, paper, candy wrappers) stuck to clothes and hair. Or step into a white trash bag overflowing with trash.

Web Site: Drape fake spider webs all over your glasses.

Freudian Slip (variation): Girl - Wear a slip and attach notes from Freud (i.e., Ego, Id, Oral Fixation, etc.). Guy - Wear a bunch of slips of paper...or for the more daring, join the girls and wear a slip.

Peter Pan (variation): Wear green clothes. Put a pan on your head and a “Hello My Name Is Peter” sticker on your shirt.

Hairy Potter: Wear a huge wig, attach fake hair to your arms and legs. Carry around a bag full of pots and pans.

And there's plenty more where that came from.


If this shit passes for costumes, Least Creative People Ever is starting to look like a good idea.
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