November 5th, 2003


Found poetry from my friends list

I'm Rock n Roll Jackie O.
I think Sarah McLachlan is one of the hottest people ever.
I don't want to hear about you waking up to a 4 inch spider near your head
i want to make a nick cave doll.

I have recovered its genius for posterity.
schweet. I like upgrades.
What a deal eh?
Thank you Japan!

I haven't trapped Biscuit yet.
He cried like a baby the whole way to the vet.
I keep feeling my kneecaps tremble in response to idle thoughts.
I am soooooo tempted.

how long it would take for someone to be an asshat
I saw them at Wal-Mart!
anyone want to go?
It's happenin' at 2 pm, uh huh, uh huh!
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    the whole 4-lines apiece thing was purely unintentional