November 12th, 2003


HOTlanta HIGlights - Part III

Probably the only negative about going to Atlanta came directly from the positives of being there. Atlanta has many of the things that I resent DC for not having and enjoying them spawned yet another stint of hate DC don't want to live here any longer thoughts.

Saturday and Sunday afternoons were both spent going from quaint little area with adorable shops filled with lovely things to quaint little area with adorable shops filled with lovely things. Vintage clothing stores, rock and roll paraphernalia stores, art galleries, chotsky shops...think New Hope, Peddler's Village, Chester, South Street/Antiques Row in Philly, hell, even Lafayette had a place similar to these. Aside from gas stations, there wasn't a single business in any of the shopping neighborhoods we went to that wasn't owned by an actual human being. Why isn't there anything like this in DC? Do the residents of the Washington Metropolitan Area lack that special entrepreneurial spirit that drives someone to start a business of this kind? Are we all too bland to appreciate something other than the same chain stores? Is Tysons Corner such a comfort zone that it must be duplicated on the streets of Georgetown, Old Town, downtown, and Arlington?

For my money, there's no better way to spend a weekend afternoon than how Dale and I did in Atlanta. It was almost like a dream: the weather was incredible, there was that autumn smell in the air. We got cups of flavored coffee and strolled from shop to shop examining every little item they had to offer and chitchatting about nothing in particular. Perfection. If only...
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