November 13th, 2003


Compooper Hardware Question

I have successfully destroyed my current work computer and have been given the honor of choosing my new computer from In looking through the optional upgrades, I see these options:

1GB,DDR333 SDRAM Memory,NECC (2 DIMMS) [add $239 or $6/month1]
1GB,DDR333 SDRAM Memory,NECC (4 DIMMS) [add $229 or $6/month1]
FREE UPGRADE! 1GB,DDR333 SDRAM,NECC (4X256) for the price of 256MB

What is the difference? What is DIMMS? How do DIMMS differ from (4X256)? Is the free upgrade just as good?
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Very Important People

Okay, dig this. This is from an email from a very important person who does stuff for the Association I work for.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2003 10:33 AM
Subject: RE: December 1, 2003 Seminar

Dear Mae, Attached please find a document that I would like included in the materials for the seminar that Important Guy and I will be leading at [place] on December 1. I may have other materials to include, but would like to confer with Important Guy first. Can you try and set up a time that would be convenient for a call?

< END >

Um, it's you and him. This isn't a "conference call". Call him. Or at least have your admin call his admin. Why would you include someone who doesn't work in either of your offices to schedule this? That would triple the work. Christ, you cc'ed him on the email. How about, "hey Important Guy! When's a good time to chat?"

Think about it folks. These people could buy and sell your ass three times over and they can't figure out how to arrange a 2-person telephone call.
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I don't get it. What is it for? Are we supposed to talk to each other or is it just like a way to find old friends/flames? How are we supposed to tell who these people are from the mini-thumbnails? There are four Greg Dixon's in there, and I can't tell from the pictures (2 of which are landscapes) if they are my friends. Can I search by anything but names? Bruh.
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