November 21st, 2003


As long as it's not my problem, it's not a problem. Right?

Story: Co-worker sent out a mailing asking all of our members to confirm our update their contact information. She did not tell anyone else she was going to do this, but instructed the members to either fax their updates/confirmations or email them to the info@ addy, which so happens to come to my inbox.

Late in the day yesterday, she comes up to me, shrugs her shoulders and huffs, "man, between you forwarding me all these emails and the receptionist giving me all these faxes, I'm gonna go CRAZY!"

"Yeah," I said, feigning ignorance in an effort to point out the fact that she failed to share the news of the mailing to anyone "you've been getting a lot of emails to info@ for some reason."

"Oh, yeah. I sent out a mailing asking for contact info confirmations and people are actually responding!"

"Well, why didn't you put your email address?"

"Oh, I didn't want to clog my inbox."

"But you'll clog mine."
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