December 4th, 2003


Cosby Show Trivia Poll

Thanks to a friendly wager over Cosby Show trivia last night, coldblackncold will have to watch Bend it Like Beckham with me. The consequence of my loss was not decided. I offered for him to choose a movie that he's wanted to see but I've vetoed. He couldn't come up with one (am I the best girlfriend ever or what?)

I wanted to leave the bet open-ended until after I was able to poll the audience, but curiousity and, I guess subconscious desire to watch a movie about British girls playing soccer drove Mickey to consult the internet and prove me right last night. In all fairness (and due particularly to a technicality), I wasn't entirely right, but I was crowned righter.

Poll #214931 Would you have had to watch Bend it Like Beckham?

What is the plot of the first Cosby Show Episode?

Theo complains of parental opression; Huxtable family transforms house into "The Real World Apartments"; hilarity ensues
Rudy's goldfish Lamont dies; Huxtable family conducts formal funeral service in upstairs bathroom; hilarity ensues

Other guesses? Am I tricking you?

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The Results Are IN!

Congratulations, friendship7, looks like you'll be watching Bend it Like Beckham with us!

But überprops go to rock_god for the rightest answer, and foiling the caveat that made me almost right: Lamont's Funeral was the second Cosby Show episode, counting the pilot, which is as immemorable as its description on

1. Pilot
Theo's poor report card and Denise's scary date create serious tension among the Huxtables. FACTOID: The sign outside the Huxtable home reads "Clifford Huxtable, M.D." In later episodes, Cliff's real first name is revealed to be "Heathcliff."

2. Goodbye, Mr. Fish
Cliff arranges an elaborate funeral for Rudy's beloved pet goldfish, Lamont.

Aah, the Rock God. Apart from trivia that may have won him a car, is there anything he doesn't know?
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