December 6th, 2003


Snowed In

The first weekend in December, Gamer, Freer, and I go up to New Hope for the Official Christmas Season Opener: cute little shops, quaint Pennsylvania scenery, carolers, hot apple cider, the works. Sadly, I'm at home right now. The plan was to leave last night, spend the day in New Hope and Peddlers Village, go back to our friends' house for a round of Trivial Persuit in front of the fire, and wrap it all up tomorrow. The weather forecast last night said we'd have a window of about 3 hours during which it wouldn't be too treacherous to travel. We got it in DC, but the forecast for PA didn't work out, so we put out a last-ditch hope that maybe we could get up early today and go. Not a big hope, but hope nevertheless. There is a "Blizzard Warning" in PA today. Even if we made it up to our friends' house, we probably wouln't get much farther. So, no New Hope for me this weekend. But we're going to try to work the trip in sometime between now and Christmas.

I had my alarm set this morning to check the weather and to check wether or not coldblackncold's LSAT test would be cancelled (it wasn't. Cross your fingers for him). Then I went back to bed.

What IS IT about snow days? I have NOTHING to do today. Why can't I sleep? Sleep, damn you, SLEEP!

There's something ironic about the words "Janis Joplin True Hollywood Story" being all in a row like that, but I'm not quite sure what.
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