January 10th, 2004


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Stuff I have to do today:
Find homes for new Christmas presents
Find homes for all the shit that ends up on my table
Throw out some of that shit
Clean bathroom
Clean kitchen
Buy new tablecloth
Make lunches for Monday and Tuesday</strike>
Pay bills

Stuff I should do today:
Work out
Paint new shelves
Put away Christmas decorations
Put away files
Re-pot Lucky Bamboo

Stuff I'd like to do today:
Play video games
Watch Sopranos Directors Commentary tracks
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It can't be...

'Chemical weapons' found in Iraq

Danish troops have found dozens of mortar shells in southern Iraq which could contain chemical weapons according to initial tests.
The 36 120mm mortar rounds appeared to have been buried for at least 10 years, the army said.

All showed traces of blister gases, the army said, a group of chemical compounds which include mustard gas.

Clearly this is propaganda!!! Bush LIED about chemical weapons in Iraq!!! The UN looked for them and didn't find them so they're not there!!! Saddam SAID he destroyed all of his chemical weapons!!! Clearly, this is an ELECTION PLOY for Bush--he probably found these MONTHS ago!!! And furthermore, attacking Iraq was a UNILATERAL MOVE, so what on earth are Danish troops doing there? And what about the bike paths?!?! THE BIKE PATHS!!!

I can't see how this news comes as a surprise to anyone, but I'll be willing to take bets on how many places, legitimate press or in LJland, where utterances like these are made with seriousness. I think the whole "election ploy/hidden for months" line is actually going to be used. Any takers?
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