January 23rd, 2004


Are you kidding? Boys love being called Sunshine

Bad Baby Names

I just found out that I am expecting a baby girl! While I have a boys name picked out (Guillermo junior, after his daddy...for backup, lol, cause those doctors arent always right!) I'm debating between a few girls names. Tell me what you think.
Lorelei Jakarta (yes i know its an indonesian city but i think its exotic)
Beyonce Noelle
Heaven Starr


Yes. Exotic. As exotic as martial law. Meanwhile, in your madness you've gone and concocted one of the best Playmate names ever.

You know, we never would have known the origin of Guillermo Jr. if she hadn't explained - IT'S AFTER HIS FATHER. HIS FATHER!!!!! It's so funny, I'll LOL.
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