February 22nd, 2004


Ohm Shanti Shanti Ohm

I just booked flight and hotel for a 4-day Va-cay with the Momz in Puerto Rico this May.

I will practice yoga regularly until then. I must demonstrate the utmost patience and control in order to surpass our usual 36-hour arguement threshold and enjoy this.

I mean, christ. Look at this hotel. Mother/Daughter squabbles can not ruin this for me.
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Capital of the Free World

Upon arriving in Chicago on Tuesday night, I was given the option of taking a cab that offered a credit card payment option. It was a longer line to wait on, but worth the wait. The driver told me that soon all of the cabs in Chicago will have to accept credit cards by law and bemoaned the shame he feels for living in major city in which you cannot use a credit card for any and all transactions you wish to make.

I assured him there was nothing to be ashamed of, and said that not only was the ability to use a credit card in his cab a treat for me, but the presence of a meter a refereshing change as well. Confused, he asked me how then, were cab fares determined in Washington, DC. I briefly explained the Zone System to him and he nearly crashed into the jerseywall.

Between guffaws, he managed to tell me how they used to use the Zone System in his native Eastern European country but they stopped using it because it was too (and I quote) "third world".
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