March 12th, 2004

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On a Scale of 1-4

Subway Breakfast Sandwiches
Taste: 4 Microwaved vs. grilled eggs a demerit in most cases, but microwaving lent to a less greasy taste and an overall lighter feeling sandwich. Bread very fresh and tasty. The entire Subway stretch of toppings was available as well. Possiblites abound.

Price: 3.75 Egg sandwich with meat = $1.89. Cheese $.25 extra. Like with all Subway meals, this is where they fuck you: they use two of those measely cheese triangles for a fairly large sandwich, and I asked for extra cheese, bringing the sandwich up another $.25, but some places will charge you $.50 for cheese anyway. Total with tax: $2.52

Speed: 2 With only two working microwaves, they could only make 2 sandwiches at a time, and it seems the sandwich makers were still getting adjusted to being awake.

Overall: 3.5
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Dog Balls

Excellent Use of Paris Hilton as Negative Space

The folks at E! can go fuck themselves. I have watched about ten or so total items from their latest best-of list, 101 Reasons the 90's Ruled. I find myself pleased with most of the choices, as much as I can do without that bug-eyed fat black woman singing. They seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel of Fabricated Authority Commentators, but even that is not the crux of the problem with this list.

It is E!'s #15 Reason the 90's ruled that has made me question my quest to systematically dissect the lowest forms of popular culture into a sort of fetal pig of sociology. Am I kidding myself? Is there neither rhyme nor reason to it? Can it be that it is all just shit?

The #15 Reason the 90's Ruled: The 90's was Paris Hilton-free. She was a preteen debutante, merrily coking herself up unbeknownst to the public. People, FHM, Maxim, Vogue--none of these magazines had slaughtered trees in her honor. And yet, eighty-six individual aspects somehow defined an entire decade less than this abstract "absence of aspect"; only fourteen things defined it more.

Does E! have some code of programming akin to the Dollar Bill Rule of newspaper publication? One series, five installments, and you guys only managed to last FOUR before bringing her up again? Fuck you, E!.
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