March 18th, 2004


Stroll Down Memory Lane

Damn. While the Breakfast Cereals page on Fitday may have the most extensive listing of cereals past, it may also be the least useful collection of data ever posted to the Internet. I honestly don't think I will ever need to know the calorie/carb counts of Rainbow Brite, Gremlins, Nintendo Power, or Smurf Magic Berries cereals.
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Night like a lamb, day like a lion

I was sent to NEW YORK CITY (pronounced like those old salsa commercials) to babysit a meeting. Having learned my lesson from the Chicago trip a few weeks ago, I booked myself on the 3pm shuttle up, got to LaGuardia early (!) and got into Manhattan and settled in my hotel room by 5 and was to veejay's new place in Battery Park before 6, even after having walked from the east to the west side of the island looking for it.

It was an unseasonably warm 50-degree evening, and after some chitchatting in his place and a beer at the bar up the street, VJ and I went out to dinner at this swank restaurant, and met up with another old HS friend afterwards.

I woke up Tuesday morning to doom-and-gloom weather reports of a snowstorm dumping 6 inches on the city, but never to fear, that it would start well into the afternoon/evening. By 10am, the scene out the window looked like a broken television, and by noon they had cancelled my flight home (which was a blessing in disguise, as on the way up, I found out why the American Airlines shuttle is $100 cheaper than the rest: the plane was only about 10 feet wide, and the pilot seemed to think he couldn't execute a turn without tilting the plane on a 90deg. angle). Work scrambled to booked me on the train home, which while longer, wasn't as late as I thought it would be, and it was actually kind of neat to ride through those industrial zones while it was snowing. I was hoping to get snowed in for another night: it would have been much more enjoyable to know that I didn't have anywhere I *had* to be in the storm, and just hang out for the night and come home the next day. Considering how work had to eat my return flight and buy me a train ticket home, it probably would have cost the same, but oh well. I think they thought I really wanted to be home on Tuesday night. But my hotel was adorable, and I managed to score bagels, black and white cookies, and a slice of broccoli pizza, so it wasn't a total wash. And now that I'm not walking like .2 miles per hour in a freak wet snowstorm with no vacant cabs around, it was kind of exciting.
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