April 5th, 2004

Dog Balls

This is why HBO is a pay channel

Television Without Pity is more than just a website. It is the saviour of my workday, a friend, a companion, and the inspiration for many naughty thoughts about CT. TVWoP prints recaps of the shows and provides message boards to discuss them with other viewers. The three shows a week I watch regularly I read regularly: The Real World, The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, and The Sopranos; and thanks to TVWoP, I can re-watch and digest those shows until they air again.

I can handle banality and stupidity when it comes to the Real World or RR/RW Challenge. Fine. However, every Monday morning, I have a lapse in judgment and despite the previous week's vow never to do so again, I read the message boards for that week's Sopranos. In doing so, I have started the last five weeks of my life at least five IQ points lower. I retaliate the only way my now diminished brain can, I make fun of the posters. Gamer and I have started a tradition of mocking the dumbery. Let's just have a peek at some of this week's gems, shall we?

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