April 27th, 2004


If I knew it was gonna be that kind of party

From time to time, I get hooked up with an open-house sitting gig through one of the realtors at Mickey's office. It's an easy way to pick up some cash: from 1-4 I sit around reading a book waiting for people to show up, and when they do say things like "the laminate floors were installed 2 years ago" or "it's listed for such-and-such thousand dollars" or "don't get lost in there now!"

A few Sundays back, I was sitting for a ground-level condo in a mid-rise building. We had the sliding glass door open for people to come in and out of to avoid the complications of buzzing them in the main door (and if that doesn't speak volumes about the level of security in this place, some people didn't see the patio door and got into the main door without buzzing in). I had set up the sandwich-board sign out front and put balloons on it as usual.

About halfway through the day, two six-year-olds came to the door wringing their hands and sinking their necks into their shoulders. One of them managed the courage to ask, "can we come to the party?" Although I told them that it was a boring grown-ups party that they didn't want to go to, I still think they thought I was hiding the punch and pie.
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