May 17th, 2004

Do you have any oleo?

Holding on to both ankles for dear life

As they have done every year, my apartment management company sent out their rent-hike notice to me on Thursday. The first two years I lived here they raised my rent $50 a month, but last year they tried to raise it a whole hundred. After what felt to me like a failed negotiation, I got them to only raise me $50 a month. This year they're going for the hundred again.

I really wanted to buy a condo this year, but given...everything, I just couldn't. I can't find a place I can afford that's near Metro, and if I could afford the places that are near Metro, I'd be able to afford parking downtown and wouldn't bother with the damn thing anyway. And call me naive, but if I'm going to be spending $200,000 on something, I'm not going to settle. So here I am, renting for another year.

The dick of it is, a $50 rent increase results in $600 for the year, which is about what it costs to move, and I know damn well I'm not going to find anything in a comparable area to where I am for much less than what I'm paying, and certainly not enough less to justify a move. And the cherry on top: Even if I *was* going to move, they issued my rent-increase notice 53 days before my lease is up. My lease says I have to give 60 days notice before I vacate or I have to go to a month-to-month lease until I meet those 60 days. So not only would I have to pay my rent through my lease, but the month after at the $300 extra "convenience rate" for the flexiblity of having a month-to-month lease.

I'm getting my speech ready for my rent decrease plea. Last year when I tried the old "the gate for the parking lot has been broken for 3 months, my mail got stolen and my mailbox never got fixed, and you took away the visitors lot and some of the resident spaces, so what is it exactly the rent increase is paying for?" He said they were for new balconies and elevators. I said that since I don't have a balcony and live on the second floor, why do I have to pay for those, and got shut down with a "well, when all you did was ask if I could decrease your rent hike, I was considering it. But now that you said your reasons, I don't think they're valid and I'm not sure if you should get it now." Which makes me think I should not complain about the two lost rent checks this winter, the repeated hot water outages, and the yet-unrepaired "secured community" gate. Maybe the old "when I first started living here, all utilities were included. Now we have to pay for water and trash removal", will work, but I'm worried that's not "valid" enough. Fuckstick.

No wonder I kept having Deja Vu while typing this out
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